Google real estate helps you create a map of homes for sale

Most of us are using Google multiple times a day to look up information online. But did you know you can use Google Maps to find homes for sale?

Google added real estate search to its mapping tool two years ago but has been steadily adding features and upgrades ever since. It’s a super convenient way to get a quick look at what’s available in a given area in your price range. Once you have that information, you can easily create a printable map of properties for your next tour of open houses.

The best way to get started is to type in the name of a city, suburb, neighborhood, or zip code at the main Google Maps real estate listings page. For example, you could simply type ‘94114’ to get a map of the properties for sale in San Francisco’s Noe Valley/Castro/Mission neighborhoods. On the map, you’ll see lots of little red circles representing properties for sale in that area.

Foreclosure listings are one way to filter the listings

Google Maps gives you filtering options for narrowing your search. You can filter by:

* Price range

* Listing type—properties for rent, for sale, or in foreclosure;

* Number of bedrooms and bathrooms;

* Square foot range.

As soon as you select a filter, such as 3 bedrooms, all the properties that don’t match that criterion automatically disappear from the map.

The listings displayed in a Google Maps real estate search come from Google Base, which is essentially a product database to which sellers (such as real estate firms like Paragon) can automatically submit their product information for free.

The results of a Google real estate search aren’t always as complete as the listings you’d get from MLS. But for a quick overview of what’s available, it’s worth a try.

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