Home not selling? Fresh tips for getting it sold part II

First-time homebuyer tax credits aside, you might find it challenging to sell a home now. After all, the economy’s still struggling, people are worried, and it’s a buyer’s market.

In my last post, I offered two tips for people who have been trying to sell their home without luck. Here are three more to get you going.

1. Change it up.

If your property has been on the market a while, it could be because buyers are just looking past it when they do their online searches. It’s not grabbing them, for some reason. So ask your realtor to change the pictures on your home’s Internet listing. Maybe switch the order of the pictures. Or get some new photos taken and posted to ‘freshen up’ the listing.

2. Get rid of clutter.

Go through your home and take out anything and everything that you won’t need or use until you move. This includes furniture and knick-knacks (especially knick-knacks!). You’ll have to pack this stuff up at some point, right? So why not get a head start on your move and increase your home’s value at the same time? By taking stuff out of your house, you make it appear bigger and more open.

There’s a tried-and-true saying in real estate: kitchens and baths sell a house. Now that you’re in de-clutter mode, take everything off your kitchen and bathroom counters, too. I’m talking about appliances, toiletries, plates, and so on. Okay, so maybe a teakettle on the stove is innocuous enough, but you get the idea. Streamline.

You’ll make the rooms seem cleaner, neater, and spacious. Also, it makes your home seem a bit less specific to you, and that’s a plus. For example, your big coffee maker might turn off the buyer who doesn’t drink java. Or your acne medication in your bathroom might give buyers too much to think about.

3. Paint.

Once you’ve stripped out all the unnecessary stuff from your home, apply a fresh coat of paint to the interior if you can. The smell of paint and the ‘new’ look will go a long way toward freshening up your home.

Ultimately, that’s your goal: to make your home look and feel fresh, even if it’s been on the market a bit longer than you’d like.

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