iPhone apps for homebuyers, sellers and homeonwers

It’s one thing to use your computer to search real estate listings, find open houses, and get a sense for crime rates in a specific neighborhood. But now you can do all this on your iPhone, and a lot more, while you’re actually out looking at houses.

Here are four cool and useful iPhone apps. All but one are free.

Finding homes around your current location

The Zillow.com app puts on your iPhone a lot of the information you’d get from the Web site. Using your GPS location, the app will show you properties for sale in your immediate area. Click on a map icon, and you’ll get the property’s asking price, square footage, number of beds and bathrooms, estimated monthly payment, and other useful info, plus pictures. You can also view the latest ‘Zestimate’ of the property’s value. App cost: Free.

Redfin Real Estate gives you the details on homes near you (using the iPhone’s GPS) based on MLS listings. Plus, you’ll get lots of photos and details—right down to a list of landmarks you can see from a property’s views. You can also get a quick look at the open houses nearby, including the dates and hours they’re open. App cost: Free.

How safe is the ‘hood’?

AreYouSafe San Francisco gives you a quick read on crime at a given location in SF. Using the iPhone’s GPS sensor, the app finds your exact location, then displays a ‘threat meter’ of how safe or dangerous the area is. The app breaks down crimes in the past year by homicides, assaults, robberies, and car thefts. You can click to get more information on past crimes, too. There’s also an AreYouSafe app for Sacramento and a few other cities outside California. App cost: 99 cents.

Organizing the pictures you take

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Home Selection Assistant makes it easy to organize pictures you snap on your iPhone at open houses. You can group pictures into albums and sort them by neighborhood. The app also lets you rate photos, marking your favorite kitchens, for instance, for sorting later. App cost: Free.

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