Celebrity real estate blogs are fun to read – and you might even learn something

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Did it start with Robin Leach and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? Or does it go back further, when tourists would drive around L.A. armed with maps to movie stars’ homes?

Whatever its origins, our fascination with celebrity real estate is huge. And there’s no shortage of Web sites that serve up tantalizing details of celebrities and their homes, from the Norah Jones Brooklyn brownstone ‘WindowGate’ to Nicolas Cage’s Las Vegas home foreclosure.

While it’s fun to read about famous people and their homes, you can also learn valuable lessons from following celebrity real estate news. For example, Jones’ ‘WindowGate’ affair served as a useful reminder that anyone—including famous singers—can bump up against zoning ordinances and historic district restrictions if they’re not careful.

Here are three blogs and sites that regularly offer celebrity real estate news. Zillow Blog

The Zillow Blog Celebrity Real Estate section is frequently updated, sometimes more than once a day. The blog also features lots of photos.

Recent story: Uma Thurman’s Greenwich Village Townhouse Listed for $14.2M.

Quotable: “…only the fit and energetic should apply as new owners. Thurman’s townhouse is 25 feet wide and five stories tall — with no elevator in sight. It is now apparent how Uma keeps in such great shape — her home is like a built-in stairmaster.” (The image at right is of Thurman’s townhouse.)


Curbed is a blog with local editions for New York, the Hamptons, LA, and San Francisco. The New York Curbed has a dedicated Celebrity Real Estate section, though you’ll find celebrity home stories on the other Curbed pages, too.

Recent story: Rush Limbaugh Will Take $1 Million Less to Leave New York Forever

Quotable: “…even though the 4,661-square-foot spread at 1049 Fifth Avenue is a serious piece of floorplan porn with Central Park views and no pesky co-op board, the apartment looks like it was inspired by a senile grandmother’s Florida fever dream.”

The Huffington Post

The HuffPo, which seems to cover every topic imaginable, has its own Celebrity Real Estate section.

Recent story: “Hot Pads: Janet Leigh, Jeremy Sisto”

Quotable: “Has there been a cinematic moment more dissected and analyzed than the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 Psycho, where actress Janet Leigh’s screams are heard as we watch the water turn bloody? Having seen it as a child, I remain deeply terrified – so much so that I can’t bring myself to even go see the real house in Beverly Hills that Leigh lived in for 30-plus years before her death. I would expect Tony Perkins to pop out of nowhere, although I’m cognizant of the fact that it would more likely just be listing agent Brooke Kaufman of Hilton & Hyland telling me that the price is $3,395,000. Chilling, simply chilling.”

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