How to Write a Real Estate Listing With Impact

how to write a real estate listing

Your home’s online listing copy, along with photos, will form the buyer’s first impression. When writing the listing, try to imagine yourself in their shoes. Here’s how to write a real estate listing that will get buyers’ attention.

Get right to the point

What is your home’s best selling point, compared to nearby homes for sale? Let buyers know this right away.

Buyers today may get up to 10 new listings emailed or texted to them daily. If the notification arrives in the middle of a meeting or while otherwise occupied, the buyer won’t have time to read the whole listing. But if you hit the top selling points in the first paragraph or two, and those points are relevant to the buyer, she will likely check it out later.

Less is more

Many owners want to make certain their listing includes every last detail about their home. Unfortunately, few buyers will read the full listing, and only the serious ones care—and they can get all the details later. So keep your copy under 250 words, if possible. Give enough information to let buyers decide whether the home interests them but keep them wanting more.

Use bullets if possible

Buyers typically want to know several key details upfront. Withholding this information or making it difficult to find in the real estate listing can frustrate them.

Readers’ eyes naturally move to highlights or bullets. Complement your informative, engaging copy with an easy-to-scan list of details buyers want to know:

  • Location
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Interior square footage
  • Lot size
  • School district

Your listing copy won’t sell your home by itself. What ultimately seals the deal is your home’s location, size and condition. You could write the most descriptive copy in the world, but if your home doesn’t fit the buyer’s needs, they aren’t going to come see your home, let alone purchase it. Focus on creating a great listing with compelling photos, and preparing your home so it shows in the best possible light.

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  • I really appreciate your advice on how to catch the eye of a potential buyer immediately. I knew that the picture was important, but I appreciate you outlining just how much it matters when you’re trying to get they’re attention. I never thought about not leaving the houses features to the imagination; I can see now how this would attract a buyer easier. Thank you!

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