Why Use a Real Estate Agent? Top 5 Reasons

why use a real estate agent

Why use a real estate agent? In this era of instant access to information, it’s tempting to think you don’t really need to. For some people, that may be true. But real estate agents still add a lot of value to what can be a long, frustrating, and confusing process. In honor of Thanksgiving, here are five reasons to be thankful for real estate agents.

Good real estate agents are there during tough times

Buying or selling a home is a serious financial transaction—not to mention one with huge emotional and practical considerations. A good agent is there for you during the challenging times. They’ll take your call at 10 p.m., hear you out and support your decision not to move ahead if something goes awry.

Your agent should uncover any issues and, if it’s the best decision, suggest backing out of the deal before you even ask. They’ll be on your side, looking to build a long-term relationship—not just make a quick buck.

They act as organized project managers

Thinking of selling, but daunted by the idea of prepping your home, making necessary fixes or simply deep cleaning? Good listing agents take on the burden and alleviate unnecessary drama from an already stressful time in your life. A great listing agent is also a well-organized project manager, designer, and connector of all things quick and fast for home improvement.

With your approval, the agent can put together a team of painters, stagers, floor finishers, home organizers, and other professionals. As the lead on prepping your home for sale, your agent will be your single point of contact and will get the job done quickly and well.

They understand you’re busy

A good agent realizes you have a life beyond real estate transactions. The agent will drive to your home late at night or catch you in the lobby of your office building for that important signature when you’re in-between meetings. They’ll open doors, get second bids, sometimes pull weeds and even walk your dogs.

They’ll send you helpful data about your home even after closing

Some agents do their deals and move on, seeing your purchase or sale as transactional. But good agents know their services continue long after the closing.

Homeowners like to know what’s going on in the market and how their investment has fared over time. Agents see homes in person each week. They can take note of comparable homes and keep their past clients informed about the market.

They have the inside track

Often, deals fall into place because of the strength of the relationships a good agent builds over time. Being well-connected with other agents, bankers, inspectors and deal-makers means a good agent can help you find opportunities off the market, get the attention or time you need, or get your offer to the top of the pack in a competitive bidding situation.

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