How to Sell Your Home in the Spring

How to sell your home in the spring - dogwoods

In real estate, as in life, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Once your home’s listing goes live, the days on market start ticking. In the Internet age, with access to so much information, buyers will ‘smell’ something sour when a home has been on the market for months. And the spring season is still a great time to get your house on the market. Here’s how to sell your home in the spring.


Before you go on the market, get a formal inspection. Here’s why: You need to know about your home’s condition. If there are issues that need to be addressed, it’s better to know about them early. That way, you can either fix them prior to going to market or account for them with a lower listing price.

Otherwise, a buyer may uncover flaws once they’re under contract. You’ll get stuck paying more under those circumstances than if you’d addressed the problems up front.


When you’re trying to sell your home, the less-is-more approach applies. Put away big furniture and personal items. Store or hide all the things you won’t be using until you move into your new home. In the kitchen, make space in the cabinets for items you’ll need to use daily but will want to put away for showings.


Kitchens and bathrooms can sell your home. Plan to have the bathroom grout cleaned and have some parts of the house painted to give it a fresh look. Consider cleaning rugs, refinishing hardwood floors or painting kitchen cabinets. Ask your agent for referrals to do the work. There are lots of inexpensive contractors who can help spruce up your home quickly and affordably.


Today’s buyers have research in their DNA and will investigate all they can. Check with your local building department and ensure there are no outstanding issues with your home.

Make sure property records reflect your home accurately and try to fix any discrepancy. Ensure that your title report is clean. Discuss potential disclosure items with your agent. Banks won’t lend if there are outstanding issues, and you don’t want to jump through hoops at the eleventh hour. Researching now will keep you one step ahead of the buyers.

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