How to Show Your Home for Sale

how to show your home for sale

How to show your home for sale? There are three main ways: open houses, lockbox showings, and private showings. Here’s what you need to know about each one.

Show your home for sale in an open house

Most people make their first foray into the real estate market by cruising listings online on Sunday morning and then checking out open houses that afternoon. Attending open houses helps buyers get a feel for the market without committing to an agent or the process. Open houses are part of the fabric of the real estate industry. They’re great for some sellers, too, because they ensure that, within a two- or three-hour period, a good number of buyers can get in to see the property.

Lockbox showings

In some markets, the lockbox showing is the easiest and best way to see a home for sale. To make entering the home convenient for everyone, the listing agent places a special digital lockbox on the front door for agents to access with their buyer clients.

For home shoppers who are unavailable on the weekends, lockbox properties can be a good way to start getting a feel for the market and learn from their buyer’s agent. Also, if an agent has an out-of-town buyer coming in for just a day to see properties, lockbox listings might be the way to go.

Lockboxes can also enable buyers and their agents to quickly pop in and out of a house. And it’s an easy way for buyers to get up to speed quickly on the types of properties available.

Private showings

Most buyers who are interested in a particular home will have attended an open house and viewed the home once or twice with their agent. But when they get serious, they’ll want to go back. In this case, the seller’s agent will accompany the showing.

The seller’s agent can answer questions and represent her client’s interests. The buyers will likely have lots of concerns as they walk through with a more critical eye. The private showing provides the seller’s agent an opportunity to be the seller’s eyes and ears.

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