How to Sell Your Home in Winter

sell your home in the winter

Spring and fall are typically prime time for home selling. But sometimes, you need to put your property on the market in the winter. The good news? Because home buyers have access to so many real estate listings online, selling in mid-winter is not as challenging as it once was. Here’s how to sell your home in winter—when the snow may be heavy but the competition is light.

Make sure your home is easily accessible

If there’s snow or an ice storm, clear the driveway, sidewalk and any pathways on which potential buyers may walk. If there are back steps, clear those, too. You never know when a buyer will want to see your home. In markets where your agent uses a lockbox for showings, you could get a request for a last-minute showing at any point.

Keep the heat on

Nobody wants to walk into a cold home. It’s not warm, in any sense of the word, or inviting, and that will affect the buyer’s reaction. A chilly reception ensures their first impression isn’t a good one. If you have an upcoming showing, be sure the heat’s on and the house is warm and cozy.

Show off the fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home, show it off. Buyers love walking into an open house with a fire going on a cold day. The fireplace adds to the ambiance and provides a comforting feeling.

Talk with your agent to make sure they’re on board to use the fireplace. If you haven’t serviced the fireplace in a while, get it cleaned to be certain that using it doesn’t backfire. Keep the kindling and logs loaded up at all times.

Let buyers see your outside attributes

Although in winter, buyers may be less likely to tour the property, they’ll still want to know what’s there. If you have a deck, pool, patio or outdoor features that add value, make sure it’s visible from inside. If the winter months or snow make an outdoor asset invisible, be certain that your marketing features it prominently.

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