3 Home Listing Photography Tips

home listing photography tips

Web appeal is the new curb appeal. So you have to take your home’s listing photo shoot seriously. If your photos don’t excite potential buyers on the internet, they may never step foot inside. Here are 3 home listing photography tips to help show your property in its best light.

1. Never list your property without photos

Buyers get email and text alerts when a new home matching their criteria becomes available. And they get frustrated when they get an alert on a property, but the listing isn’t complete. Either there aren’t any pictures at all, or there only a few.

But guess what? Buyers (and agents) will punish you for jumping the gun. They may—or may not—go back later and look at your listing again, once the photos are up. By going out without photos, you’ve added an extra step for them. Plus, it looks like you don’t have your act together. This isn’t an ideal way to start out with your future customer.

2. Prepare for your home’s close up

Before the photo shoot, fluff the pillows. Put toilet seats down. Get Fido’s bowl and the kids’ toys out of sight. Make sure the home is in impeccable condition.

People can zoom in, zoom out and play with photos in online listings. They’ll notice everything. If your photos don’t show your home well, it sends a message to the buyer that you don’t care and, by extension, you’re not a serious seller.

Remember: The buyer is your customer, and you have a product to sale.

3. Hire a pro to take lots of photos

The cameras in Android phones and iPhones get better every year. They’re pretty amazing, in fact. But they can’t make you a great photographer.

Hire a professional photographer who will take high-resolution photos and bring extra lighting or equipment to enhance their work. A pro will work tirelessly to show your home in its best light and from the best angles.

Ask the photographer to take lots of photos, too. You want to make it easy on buyers to get comfortable with and learn more about your home. Not only are the listing photos their initial impression, but they serve to help orient the buyer after the first or second showing. Once they’ve been through the home in person, they’re better able to relate to the floor plan and how it flows. Going back to the listing photos allows them to make connections and dig deeper.

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