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Philadephia Tribune Which Features Help Sell a Home for More

“If your home has these, play them up, because today’s buyers want them,” advises real estate expert Brendon DeSimone. “Even if you don’t have time for renovations, you might luck out and already have some of the items on buyers’ wish lists.” Things Home Buyers Forget to Do

“Few buyers stay in their homes for 30 years like our parents did,” says real estate expert Brendon DeSimone,

USA Today Homebuyers, beware: Lead pipe problems not always required disclosure

“Seems like a new disclosure law for lead pipes is likely coming down the pike, given what’s happened in Flint,” said national real-estate expert and New York broker Brendon DeSimone.

CBS Marketwatch 10 homes you won’t believe cost $1 million (or more)

“In expensive metro areas, the starting (price) point is going to be higher,” said Brendon DeSimone, real estate expert for Zillow. “No matter what market you’re in — high end or low end — there’s a fixer-upper for sale.”

Money Magazine 6 Smartest Moves for First-Time Home Buyers

Cruise rental ads, for instance, or bookmark new listings that look overpriced and revisit them in a month, says Brendon DeSimone, author of Next Generation Real Estate: New Rules for Smarter Home Buying & Faster Selling. Unsold homes usually drop in price after about six weeks; until then, “some sellers will take much less, but they won’t formally reduce the price,” he says.

Bloomberg Why Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Still Isn’t Sold

“The uber-luxury high-end market is not anywhere near where it was three, four, five years ago,” said Brendon DeSimone, real estate expert.

Forbes 4 Things To Do To Prepare Your Home For Sale

“Prepping the home rarely happens in one weekend. It takes time and thoughtful planning,” advises real estate expert Brendon DeSimone.

Realty Today Home-Selling Season: Should You List in January or Wait for Spring?

Brendon DeSimone, author of “Next Generation Real Estate: New Rules for Smarter Home Buying & Faster Selling,” debunks the old mentality that buyers only look for houses during the warm season. According to him, buyers now look at listings every day, thanks to apps and websites.

MarketWatch 4 Renovations That Could Decrease Your Home’s Value

All of this isn’t to say you shouldn’t take on any of these improvements. But if you do, if possible, “do it in a way that you can put it back when you go to sell,” DeSimone said.

Philadelphia Tribune How to buy a home without a 20 percent down payment

For starters, the lower down payments can mean more paperwork and will translate into higher monthly payments since borrowers are financing more, warned real estate broker Brendon DeSimone.

What They Say About Brendon

“Brendon did not miss a beat. He stayed on top of everyone and everything and always had things done before I even knew it had to get done.”

Emma G

“Brendon has phenomenal real estate knowledge, expertise and energy. He expertly marketed and sold my property with fantastic results.”

Bevan Dufty, San Francisco Supervisor

“Brendon approaches things in a different way. I would not have closed on my home without him.”

Heather Marlow

“Brendon is personable, knowledgeable, and straightforward. I always knew what to expect.”

Merle Coffelt

“I learned more during a one-hour phone call with Brendon than I did working with 2 agents over six months. His knowledge and expertise go far beyond other Realtors.”

Peter G

“Brendon can spot a great opportunity that most might either miss or not understand as an opportunity.”

Heather Marlow

“Brendon treats the buying or selling of your home like it’s his own.”

Dan and Nina Scherotter

“Brendon’s marketing plan was right on target. Thanks to his advice, we got top dollar for our property.”

Bevan Dufty, San Francisco Supervisor

“Brendon created a winning situation for everyone involved. This ultimately saved the day.”

Adam B

“Brendon DeSimone has phenomenal energy and real estate expertise. He expertly marketed and sold my property with fantastic results.”

Bevan Dufty, San Francisco City Supervisor

“Brendon is a true advocate for his clients before, during, and after a transaction.”

Scott W

“Brendon helped us to see our home in the eyes of a potential buyer. It was hard to be objective but I trusted his advice and it paid off, big time.”

Heidi P