It’s time to rewrite the rules of real estate

Real Estate Expert and Zillow’s top blogger Brendon DeSimone introduces Next Generation Real Estate: New Rules for Smarter Home Buying & Faster Selling. DeSimone’s new real estate book is the go-to guide for navigating and better understanding the complex and ever-evolving world of buying and selling a home.

There’s never been a stronger need for a book like Next Generation Real Estate. Everything we thought we knew about real estate has changed. Technologically, economically, behaviorally, and culturally the world is more dynamic than ever. The result is a new portrait of the American Dream, one that is much more eclectic, complex and in need of new ground rules

What’s inside? Reviews

What’s Inside

  • Markets move faster today.
    Buying or selling at the wrong time can have huge financial consequences. Given the susceptibility of the real estate market the past few years, it’s imperative to approach an investment differently today. Read More
    Brendon’s unique perspective will help you determine your best plan of action and assess when the timing is right, from advice on if you should buy or rent to why listing your home too early may result in a lower sale price.
  • Information overload can cripple consumers today.
    Buyers and sellers have access to more information than ever. Absent the appropriate context, certain data can cause confusion and lead to a financial disaster or missed opportunity. Read More
    Brendon explains how the role of the agent has evolved, why the use of a strong, well-connected local agent in real estate is more important than ever, and how to best leverage their expertise along the way.
  • Technology has changed the world and real estate forever.
    No longer is it common to live in or close to your hometown. The Internet has allowed today’s professional the ability to live anywhere Read More
    and the fast-paced and competitive nature of the work place provides for people to be open to new job opportunities, in a new city, every few years. Brendon guides today’s consumers down the sometimes-risky real estate road of our new reality.
  • The real estate industry has evolved in the past ten years
    and taking advice from your parents or using guidelines from the 1980’s could land you in deep water. Conversely, knowing what still works today and applying some of the more traditional tactics can help save you time and money. Read More
    Brendon will address how the perfect combination of traditional practices such as the open house, with modern tactics like pre-sale inspections, can get you the best results.
  • Next Generation Real Estate helps speed up the learning curve
    and guides prospective sellers and buyers through the process. Brendon’s done the work for you and passes his informed expertise, along Read More
    with insider tips, from how to get back a non-refundable deposit and what not to say to the listing agent, to how to use Google Street View in Real Estate
  • 3 implications govern all buyers, sellers and real estate transactions:
    No matter the personality, generation, age of the client, or type of home being bought or sold, real estate will always have emotional, practical and financial considerations and implications.Read More
    These are at the center of any real estate transaction and it’s imperative to know how to navigate various situations keeping these three fundamentals in mind.
  • New players and technology are introduced to the real estate industry every day,
    but it’s important to know how to use these services online to benefit your real-life transactions. In DeSimone’s how-to real estate book, you’ll learn how to access, apply and interpret the tools Read More
    and information available to not only help you make the best choice, but also to save you money.
  • There has been a major shift in sociological trends
    including the introduction and acceptance of various family households, higher divorce rates, an increase in single living structures, and a more widespread tendency of Millennials Read More
    and boomers to remain in and return to cities rather than suburbs. Next Generation Real Estate provides knowledge and advice to best navigate these changes as they apply to the real estate market, to help you sell faster and buy smarter.


“In today’s market, there’s no room for confusion. Brendon DeSimone is an insightful real estate pro and the book is the first to gather all of the disjointed pieces of the new housing puzzle and offer a compendium chock-full of the new rules of next generation real estate.”
-Richard Florida, Senior Editor, The Atlantic

“Next Generation Real Estate is quick and accessible. Anyone can find the chapters that most appeal or relate to their situation. Brendon’s down-to-earth advice and contrarian tips with real stories bring to life, many times with humor, how to buy
smarter and sell faster.”

-Amy Bohutinsky, Chief Marketing Officer,

“Buying and selling a home will always be one of the biggest financial and emotional transactions of our lives. Brendon’s wisdom, philosophies, and personal experience as a homebuyer and seller himself will help you navigate the ever-changing, and sometimes contradicting, waters of real estate in the next generation. You will go into your next transaction with confidence and security that you are handling your home as if a professional were standing right next to you.”
-Jonathan Miller CEO, Miller Samuel Appraisers

“DeSimone isn’t about telling my Gen X side what I want to buy, or unbundling my Millennial tendency toward multitasking. He’s taking the strengths of each generation (yes, even my Baby Boomer parents) and cobbling together a genius real estate language for the ages (OK, it also helps that he knows the world of real estate like the back of his hand).”
-Meg White, Realtor Magazine