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Time Magazine Swimming Pools: Valuable Home Upgrade or Just a Pain in the Wallet?

Brendon DeSimone told me, it’s “too specific.” Meaning, it’s uncommon enough that buyers don’t expect it and are more likely to run away from the costs and effort.

FOX Business 5 Things You Need to Learn at an Open House

“You want to watch the other buyers. Are they clamoring for it and asking a zillion questions?” says DeSimone. “If a lot of people aren’t hanging around it may be listed to high.

Forbes Home Sellers: How to Stay a Step Ahead of Buyers

If you’re aiming to sell your home to what I call today’s “next generation” buyer, you need to get into the mind of that potential buyer.

FOX Business Luxury Housing to the Rescue? Here’s What Rich Buyer’s Want

“People love the whole indoor/outdoor feel. Having an outdoor kitchen is simply easier when entertaining, than having to run back and forth inside,” says real estate expert Brendon DeSimone.

MarketWatch House flipping becomes more profitable

Real estate expert Brendon DeSimone, author of “Next Generation Real Estate,” says that the heftier flips are usually best left to developers and those who are experienced flippers.

ABC 20/20 Seller Beware: Homes Become Targets for Bad Realtors

“You’ve got to be vigilant when your house is for sale. You can’t just sit back and assume that all’s going to be OK,” real estate expert Brendon DeSimone told ABC News’ “20/20.”

Chicago Tribune Navigating the new world of home selling

With apologies to an icon of advertising copy, this is not your father’s real estate market. If you’ve been living in your home for a fair number of years and are entertaining the idea of selling it, Brendon DeSimone would like you to know that time is your enemy — and your friend.

The Motley Fool Foreclosures Are Down: What That Means To You

First, don’t dismiss overpriced listings. “Many sellers won’t list their home at a lower price but will sell it at a lower price,” writes Brendon DeSimone.

MarketWatch 7 of the biggest home buyer turnoffs

In his book, Next Generation Real Estate, he lists some of the most common buyer turnoffs — and how to handle them, which often takes daily discipline.

New York Business Journal Rising Manhattan rents force out another historic bookstore

Generally speaking, Manhattan residents prefer to live in neighborhoods with more diversity than that provided by chain stores, according to Brendon DeSimone

What They Say About Brendon

“Brendon did not miss a beat. He stayed on top of everyone and everything and always had things done before I even knew it had to get done.”

Emma G

“Brendon has phenomenal real estate knowledge, expertise and energy. He expertly marketed and sold my property with fantastic results.”

Bevan Dufty, San Francisco Supervisor

“Brendon approaches things in a different way. I would not have closed on my home without him.”

Heather Marlow

“Brendon is personable, knowledgeable, and straightforward. I always knew what to expect.”

Merle Coffelt

“I learned more during a one-hour phone call with Brendon than I did working with 2 agents over six months. His knowledge and expertise go far beyond other Realtors.”

Peter G

“Brendon can spot a great opportunity that most might either miss or not understand as an opportunity.”

Heather Marlow

“Brendon treats the buying or selling of your home like it’s his own.”

Dan and Nina Scherotter

“Brendon’s marketing plan was right on target. Thanks to his advice, we got top dollar for our property.”

Bevan Dufty, San Francisco Supervisor

“Brendon created a winning situation for everyone involved. This ultimately saved the day.”

Adam B

“Brendon DeSimone has phenomenal energy and real estate expertise. He expertly marketed and sold my property with fantastic results.”

Bevan Dufty, San Francisco City Supervisor

“Brendon is a true advocate for his clients before, during, and after a transaction.”

Scott W

“Brendon helped us to see our home in the eyes of a potential buyer. It was hard to be objective but I trusted his advice and it paid off, big time.”

Heidi P