Can I find out about the other buyers offer?

It is nearly impossible to find out about the competing or other buyers offer on a listing. The listing agent and the seller are the only people who see all of the offers, and they don’t have any obligation to disclose. Sometimes buyers or buyer’s agents can ask the listing agent what the other buyers offered or try to feel them out and get some idea. If you are working with an agent who is well connected, and well liked, chances are they will get some feedback from the listing agent. But, for the most part, a buyer has to go in cold, without any specific knowledge of what the other buyers offered. If you are in a multiple offer situation, leverage your agent, look at the comps and give it your best shot.  You don’t want to have buyer’s remorse if you go too high and you will be kicking yourself if you go to low.  Ultimately, it’s part of the home buying process and you learn from each offer.