Which real estate website gives the most accurate home appraisals?

Between Zillow’s Zestimate and the dozens of appraisal or automated valuation models (AVM’s) available online today, buyers and sellers want to know which website gives the most accurate real estate home appraisal?  There is no right answer.  These sites provide a starting point or value range only, not an exact number. The market value of a home is what a willing and able buyer and seller agree on in an arm’s length, open market transaction. The Zestimates and the automated models out there simply a starting point. Don’t forget, Zillow has not been inside your home. These models simply take publicly available information and come up with a number. If you want a more accurate valuation of your home, hire an appraiser or have a Realtor offer a comparable marketing analysis. The former will cost you a few hundred dollars. The latter is typically free.